Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register my home school with the state?
Go to North Carolina Department of Non-public Education website and look for the Notice of Intent to Operate and Home School form. Please note carefully what is required by NC law and what is simply recommended.

Bird Clip ArtHow do I get my child up to grade level?
There is no quick answer to this question, but part of the answer depends on why you want him at grade level. If you plan to put him back in school next year, there is more urgency to this request. But if you plan to keep him home for the long- term, you do not need to put him into the box of "grade levels." The best way to find an answer to this question would be to share it with the other members of CCHSA and get their feedback.

What do I do about testing?
There are many options available to meet the NC requirement to do annual nationally standardized testing. CCHSA offers group testing. Contact us for more information.

How do I join CCHSA? What does membership cost?
Fill out our online membership request form. There is no cost to join, but membership must be renewed yearly.

How does CCHSA operate?
In the past, CCHSA had membership tiers for "working" and "non-working" members, where working members were those who committed to serving the association and its members in some specific capacity for a given school year (planning events, teaching an elective class, organizing social gatherings, etc.). Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, there is no longer a distinction between working and non-working members. However, we encourage you to attend the association-wide planning meetings each semester and consider what you can do to help us provide activities, events, and information to the home school community. CCHSA is run completely by volunteers and things will happen only when people step up to help.

Dragonfly Clip ArtDoes CCHSA have tutoring?
Since CCHSA is simply an association of home schooling families, we do not offer services like tutoring. However, members may share information or send requests for help or information from other members on our electronic mailing lists.

What are the benefits of CCHSA membership?
We hope we've already answered that question by way of our answers to the other questions, but we also hope that you will consider how you might benefit the CCHSA!